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Aakash Info Tech is a leading Shopify development agency doing Web and App projects for many years. all of us currently are tremendously strong in Shopify in addition to WordPress, all of us currently being able to built Shopify and WordPress apps plus websites easily just as per any type of requirements.

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WOW...Top notch service. Aakash Info Tech came through like a champion. They custom coded my Shopify site with precision, went beyond what I asked and delivered a great site. vortexaero.com
Fast service, quick response and very reasonable price. Don't waste your time on Fiverr or Freelancer. Go straight to Aakash Info Tech and be done in a flash.
David L. ( China ) Shopify Merchant
Brilliant company, probably the most educated freelancers I have ever seen, done a great job for me. Funny enough, they are also the author from one of the apps we were using in Shopify, which again is a GREAT product~!
Ronnie B. ( United Kingdom ) Shopify Merchant
I´m really happy with Aakash Info Tech´s job, they did soon all of my requirements soon and did a great job, they worked on my Shopify's website and solved the problem that I had with my pixel of Facebook. I recommend Aakash Info Tech work because they were communicating with me clearly and quickly and my website it´s working without problems.
David M. ( Ecuador ) Shopify Merchant
Real Shopify Expert. Excellent and very professional. More importantly skilful. A couple of exchange of chats he managed to get it done perfectly. We hope to come back for another work in the near future again.
Natroloco N. ( Japan ) Shopify Merchant
Aakash Info Tech is very hard working and helpful. Very fast at answering and very wise when it comes to shopify. Will be working with them for some time.
Rodrigo M. ( Portugal ) Shopify Merchant
Aakash Info Tech did an wonder job. We tried 2 freelancers before and they could not fix our issues. Aakash Info Tech did it in few hours! Moreover they gave us some tips and assistance so we fully understood about the issue. Highly recommend! Amazing work ethic.
Youssef B. ( Tunisia ) Shopify Merchant
Aakash Info Tech did an amazing job! They did things others couldn't and had great communication. I can not wait to work with them again and recommend them to everyone!
Nick J. ( United Kingdom ) Shopify Merchant
Good work by Aakash Info Tech - works on weekend and festival time too. No doubt on work - it is good - will use for future works sure.

Thangadurai M. ( India ) Shopify Merchant
before i was hesitating because of less number of reviews but they did my project before then expected timeframe and gave me few mindblowing suggestions to improve my results and offcourse all project was done on budget and perfectly.

Highly Recommend such Hardworking and Honest company.
Suyun W. ( United States ) Shopify Merchant
Excellent work. Aakash Info Tech helped me at very quick notice with issues I had with my Shopify store. I am very thankful for there work. They did a VERY good job. Thanks Aakash Info Tech.
Henry F. ( Australia ) Shopify Merchant
Aakash Info Tech was great to work with. Through out the job they were always helpful, reassuring and communicative.
They completed the job, making sure that it was exactly the way I wanted it to be.
I strongly recommend contacting them for any jobs you might have. I know I will contact them again for my next job.
Sandeep K. ( India ) Shopify Merchant
I was working on a Shopify website and hire Aakash Info Tech to set some specifics functionalities for my store. They have a lot of experience with Shopify and they did the job on record time and perfect. I don't hesitate to work with them again and highly recommend there job.
Olguita A. ( United States ) Shopify Merchant
Very faster than I asked them to and did a very professional job. I asked for one change and they did it without hesitation. I am very satisfied and greatfull to have choosen Aakash Info Tech as my Freelancer! :) Always would work with them again!
Lukas W. ( Germany ) Shopify Merchant
Aakash Info Tech was a plesure to work with - they know's there stuff and they help set-up my Shopify store in next to no time.

Would recommend and will be using there services again.
Paul C. ( South Africa ) Shopify Merchant
Excellent developers. They are a professional in Shopify and done a great job. 2 previous freelancers were unable to complete the job and Aakash Info Tech managed to do it very easily.
Hassan A. ( United Kingdom ) Shopify Merchant
Aakash Info Tech was quick, knowledgable and did a fantastic job on my task. I am very thankful to have his services and will use again in future.

Thanks Aakash Info Tech, you're a star.
Bradley F. ( Australia ) Shopify Merchant
Aakash Info Tech is a very good professional. They works hard and quickly. Great communicator and easy to work with! They knows what they are doing and they does it right. I recommend them without any doubt
Itsasne B. ( Spain ) Shopify Merchant
Aakash Info Tech was propositive, straightforward, quick and professional in every step of the project. They knows what they are doing and they does it right. I recommend them without any doubt!
Nicolas S. ( United Kingdom ) Shopify Merchant
Excellent developers who can handle your project completely. I consider myself lucky to meet with Aakash Info Tech as he literally solved some complex problems with most convenient issue available. I loved there designs, work, communication and speed. Thanks for your work!
Syeda K. ( Pakistan ) Shopify Merchant

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